From powders to pre-made: exploring the fabulous food possibilities of egg products

Have you ever wondered how many different ways you can use eggs in cooking? From cakes to casseroles, eggs are versatile and nutritious ingredients that can transform any dish. In this article, we will explore the variety of egg-based products that are available on the market and how they can enhance your culinary skills. We present you the different products in two parts: first, you discover their composition, benefits and uses; second, you will have some examples of delicious recipes that you can make with them !

The diversity of egg-based products

A lot of products can be obtained based on eggs. We give you an insight !

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Egg powder

Egg powder is made by drying whole eggs, whites or yolks. Any egg powder has a long shelf life and can be stored at room temperature. Such an egg product can be used as a binder, a clarifier or a substitute for fresh eggs in baking, sauces and soups. To reconstitute yolk or white from an egg powder, you just need to add water and whisk.

Prepared omelettes

Prepared omelettes are ready-to-eat egg dishes that come in different flavors, such as cheese, ham, mushroom or spinach. They are convenient, tasty and ideal for quick meals. You can heat them in the microwave, the oven or the frying pan and serve them with bread, salad or rice.

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Other products

There are many other egg-based products that you can find in the supermarket, such as glaze, liquid pasteurized eggs, egg whites in cartons, etc. They have different purposes and applications, depending on your needs and preferences. 

Infinite culinary applications of egg-based products

Put together, the various products based on egg offer a myriad of culinary possibilities.


Egg-based products are essential for making pastries, such as macarons, creams, custards, meringues, etc. They provide structure, texture, flavor and color to these sweet treats. You can use egg powder, liquid eggs or egg whites to make your own pastry creations.

Prepared dishes

Egg-based products are also great for making prepared dishes, such as quiches, gratins, pies, etc. They add richness, creaminess and protein to these savory dishes. You can use prepared omelettes, egg powder or liquid eggs to make your own prepared dishes.

Creative cuisine

Products manufactured from egg can also inspire you to be creative in the kitchen. You can use egg yolks to thicken and emulsify sauces (mayonnaise, béarnaise, etc.). You can use glaze to decorate cakes, cookies or breads. On another side, egg whites can help you to make fluffy soufflés or marshmallows.

Egg-based products are available in different forms and offer infinite possibilities. They are definitely convenient, versatile and delicious ingredients that can help you make amazing dishes. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, you can use egg-based products to improve your culinary skills and impress your guests. Experiment with these products and unleash your imagination in the kitchen. Happy cooking!